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Stellar Pro verifies every professional’s advanced training and certifications so you’ll have confidence in finding the right specialist!

We help make sure that the professionals you connect with don’t just check off the boxes but have verified expertise and specialized training.

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Julia Bowman

Austin, TX, USA

Kai Dunn

Denver, CO, USA

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Ethan Bratt

Greeley, CO, USA

Badge System

Stellar Pro is the only directory that checks and verifies advanced training and certifications, ensuring you get the best possible care. We feature top therapists and coaches who excel in their fields, marked by a Badge on their profile.

This Badge is earned through verified hours of quality training and signifies expertise. Our unique Badge System simplifies your search for the right expert by showing their level of training and focus area.

Badges come in different colors (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Stellar) indicating the amount of verified training. Professionals receive badges in categories like trauma, substance abuse, sexuality, gender, and more.

According to a survey by the American Psychological Association - since the pandemic, 96% of mental health professionals continue to provide at least some services remotely